1: Discover the top 10 Maryland beaches that are perfect for soaking up the sun and enjoying the waves.

2: Ocean City Beach offers a vibrant boardwalk, watersports, and sandy shores for families and friends.

3: Assateague Island's pristine beaches are home to wild horses and ideal for camping and wildlife viewing.

4: Relax on the tranquil shores of Sandy Point State Park, a popular spot for picnics and swimming.

5: Chesapeake Beach boasts sandy beaches, a water park, and fishing piers for a day of fun in the sun.

6: Rock Hall Beach is a hidden gem with charming shops, local seafood, and picturesque sunsets.

7: Visit Point Lookout State Park for swimming, kayaking, and historic sites along the Chesapeake Bay.

8: Spend a day at North Beach for a laid-back atmosphere, charming boutiques, and beautiful waterfront views.

9: Enjoy the peaceful beaches of Breezy Point Beach for swimming, fishing, and breathtaking scenery in Maryland.