1: Discover the history and significance of the 1909 Lincoln Cent, a timeless design featuring Abraham Lincoln.

2: Explore the elegant and iconic design of the Mercury Dime, a coin beloved for its artistry.

3: Learn about the enduring popularity of the Buffalo Nickel, a classic design featuring a Native American and buffalo.

4: Delve into the history of the Walking Liberty Half Dollar, a stunning coin featuring Lady Liberty in motion.

5: Uncover the beauty of the Morgan Silver Dollar, a coin cherished for its intricate design and silver content.

6: Dive into the world of the Peace Silver Dollar, a coin symbolizing peace and hope after World War I.

7: Examine the unique design of the Kennedy Half Dollar, honoring President John F. Kennedy's legacy.

8: Appreciate the classic design of the Eisenhower Dollar, featuring the iconic image of Dwight D. Eisenhower.

9: Discover the modern design of the American Silver Eagle, a coin revered for its beauty and purity.