1: NCIS fans were thrilled when Ziva David returned, but did she reunite with Tony after faking her death?

2: Ziva's "death" devastated Tony, but rumors of their reunion brought hope to fans of the hit show.

3: The chemistry between Ziva and Tony was undeniable, leaving fans eager for their long-awaited reunion.

4: Despite facing challenges and danger, the love between Ziva and Tony endured, leaving fans hopeful for a reunion.

5: Ziva's faked death brought heartbreak, but the possibility of a reunion with Tony sparked new hope for fans.

6: Fans speculated about Ziva and Tony's futures, wondering if they would finally reunite after years of separation.

7: NCIS fans hoped for Ziva and Tony to find their way back to each other after her faked death.

8: The question of whether Ziva and Tony would reunite after her faked death lingered in the minds of fans.

9: As Ziva returned to NCIS, fans eagerly awaited the moment of reunion with Tony after faking her death.