1: Discover the Top 13 Jefferson Nickel Error Varieties. From Off-Centers to Double Dies, these collectible coins add intrigue to any collection.

2: Off-Center Strikes: A popular error, these coins show a misalignment of the design, making them unique and valuable to collectors.

3: Double Dies: Jefferson Nickels featuring double die errors have a distorted or doubled image, adding a rare and sought-after element to the coin.

4: Strike Through Errors: These errors occur when foreign objects come in between the dies during the striking process, leaving a distinctive mark on the coin.

5: Broadstrikes: Jefferson Nickels with broadstrike errors have a distorted or spread-out design due to the coin not being properly aligned during striking.

6: Clipped Planchets: This error occurs when a portion of the planchet is missing before striking, leaving a crescent-shaped gap on the coin.

7: Cuds: Cuds are areas on the coin where a piece of the die has broken off, resulting in a raised, blob-like protrusion on the coin's surface.

8: Die Cracks: These errors appear as small, raised lines or cracks on the coin's surface, caused by a fissure in the coin die during the striking process.

9: From minor errors to major varieties, Jefferson Nickel error coins offer a unique and fascinating glimpse into the world of numismatics. Start your collection today!