1: Exciting News Tony and Ziva are making a return in a new spinoff show at Paramount in April 2024.

2: Fan Favorite Duo Get ready to see Tony and Ziva back in action in the NCIS universe.

3: Dynamic Chemistry The iconic duo is reuniting for more thrilling adventures on the small screen.

4: New Beginnings Fans can't wait to see what's in store for Tony and Ziva in the upcoming spinoff show.

5: Mystery Unfolds Join Tony and Ziva as they delve into new cases and uncover secrets in the NCIS universe.

6: Emotional Journey Experience the highs and lows as Tony and Ziva navigate life's challenges together.

7: Riveting Storylines Expect twists and turns as Tony and Ziva take on new adversaries in the spinoff show.

8: On-Screen Magic Witness the magic of Tony and Ziva's on-screen chemistry in the new Paramount series.

9: Mark Your Calendars Don't miss the premiere of Tony and Ziva's return in the NCIS universe spinoff at Paramount in April 2024.