1: 1. Ziva reunites with Tony after years apart 2. Ziva and Gibbs' heartfelt moments together

2: 3. Ziva saves Tony's life in a dangerous mission 4. Ziva's emotional goodbye to her NCIS team

3: 5. Ziva's undercover assignment with Tony 6. Ziva's surprising return to NCIS after years

4: 7. Ziva's fierce loyalty to her friends 8. Ziva's epic fight scenes in action-packed episodes

5: 9. Ziva's sharp wit and sarcasm in tough situations 10. Ziva's touching moments with her daughter, Tali

6: 11. Ziva's bravery in facing dangerous enemies 12. Ziva's complex and compelling character development

7: 13. Ziva's unwavering dedication to justice 14. Ziva's bond with her NCIS family, Abby and McGee

8: 15. Ziva's mysterious past and Mossad connections 16. Ziva's vulnerability and strength in her personal struggles

9: 17. Ziva's impact on NCIS fans worldwide 18. Ziva's unforgettable legacy on the show and in our hearts